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Good nursing is backbone to a speedy, uneventful recovery & health. The nurse thus needs to be a holistically developed individual with a sound mind in a sound body. Tripurasundari College of Nursing focuses on the development of such work ship & excellent nurses. In the process of achieving their objective we have brought out a set of rules & regulations to help us work together, with you the students & the family members.

The purpose of this information is to lay down norms that will be followed in the college irrespective to the individuals background. The Rules & Regulations are as follows.

The rules & regulations will be discussed under the following heading.

1. Rules regarding the leave.

2. Rules regarding the students overall conduct in the college & hostel.

3. Rules regarding hostel facilities.

4. Policy regarding the internal assessment.

5. Policy regarding raging

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1. Leave Rule

The student will be given all the holidays recommended by their respective affiliatory bodies.

The college will declare summer vacation in an academic year in addition there will be preparatory leave for 7 days,  Students will be eligible for 10 days sick leave in one academic year. This is given only when the student produces a medical certificate issued by the registered physician. This leave will have to be made up during the study holidays / vacation or other days recommended by the faculty. The student must have 100% attendance  in clinical & 75% in theory in order to take his/her exams. If the student needs to take leave on any other accounts, the granting of leave is at the discretion of the Principal & faculty (Class coordinator). Leave will be granted only for the following occasions.

a) Marriage of sibling (on production of supportive documents).

b) Death of a close relative (i.e. grand parents, 1st degree relatives).

This leave will also have to be made up during the study leave / vacation or other days as recommended by the faculty.

If a student extends his/her leave after vacation he/she will have to make it up at a ratio of 1:2

(1day of leave will be compensated by two days). Leave taken without prior notice will also have to be made up at a ratio of 1:2 and for those days of  absence fine will be charged to be paid @ Rs.100/- per day immediately after joining to the classes.

Procedure for availing leave

􀂾 Vacation:

Each student when going on vacation will have to submit 2 letters (1 addressed to the Principal & 1 addressed to the warden), that she/he is availing leave from the date and She should mention when she/he will return and also give the address of the place where he/he is going to.

􀂾 Sick Leave :

The student needs to write a letter requesting of Sick Leave to the Principal through the class coordinator. This letter needs to be accompanied with a medical certificate recommending the same.

􀂾 Leave under special circumstances:

Here the family members have to directly contact the Principal requesting for leave either through fax or a written letter with all the supporting documents requesting for leave. In emergency a fax may be sent requesting for leave along with the reason for the same. This letter will have to be received by the Principal office directly. The granting of leave & the duration of the leave is at the discretion of the Principal along with the faculty. Once this letter is received the student is asked to write 2 letters (1 to Principal & 1 to warden) requesting for leave. The Principal signs the warden’s letter & the warden will accept only such a letter.

2. Students over all conduct

2.1 Students are expected to be punctual for both Theory & Practical classes. A student who has been consistently late for 3 consecutive days will be marked absent and will have to make up the hour.

2.2 All the assignments in clinical or theory needs to be submitted on time.

2.3 The student must be neatly and decently dressed both in the college & hospital.

2.4 In the clinical the student must strictly wear the uniform recommended by the college.

2.5 Parents are requested not to leave any jewellary with them except the bare minimum.

2.6 In the clinical the students are not allowed to wear any jewellary except a small earstud.

2.7 Girls in the clinicals must have their hair tied up, no nail polish, a makeup & no ornaments. Boys- Short hair, clean-shaven, proper-ironed uniform, shoes & socks.

2.8 No student should be found outside the college premises in uniform except during the community posting & other outside postings.

2.9 Students will be issued memo of their misbehaviors. The student will be expected to respond to the same within 24 hours after 2 oral warnings.

2.10 If a student is issued a memo for more than 3 times she/he may be suspended for a week. This will be notified to the parents.

2.11 Suspensions will lead to a more severe punishment, where the student will not be allowed to take the university/Council exam she/he is eligible to take.

2.12 Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in both the clinicals & college during the working hours.

2.13 Students are expected to follow the proper channels of communication for any issues i.e. first contact the subject coordinator, then the class coordinator, then the Principal and finally the Chairman/ Director/ /Administrator.

  Dress Code
  1. The students attending duty shall wear the prescribed uniforms.
  1. The students shall wear neat and decent dresses during beyond class  hours inside the campus. They shall not wear indecent or revealing dresses on the campus.
  1. They shall wear only minimum jewelry (Ear ring), if they must, Management will not be responsible for theft or losses if any. No nail polish and makeup to be used in the classes.
  1. Girls in the clinical training must have their hair tied up, no nail polish, a makeup & no ornaments. Boys- Short hair, clean-shaven, proper-ironed uniform, shoes & socks.
Students found guilty of misconduct, who are found breaking rules and regulations of the Hostel or causing indiscipline or whose work is unsatisfactory and those who do not make progress in study will be issued a warning in the first two instances. If the mistake is repeated, disciplinary action will be taken under the rules.
  Identity Card
Each student is provided with identity card and it must be carried on their person during the institution hours or when they are going out of the college premises.
Students found guilty of misconduct, who are found breaking rules and regulations of the Hostel or causing indiscipline or whose work is unsatisfactory and those who do not make progress in study will be issued a warning in the first two instances. If the mistake is repeated, disciplinary action will be taken under the rules.
3. Rules regarding hostel facilities

Hostel facilities are provided for girls/boys. Please consider it your home & maintain it neat & tidy.

  1. The furniture, mattress, etc provided the management must be maintained in good condition and while leaving must be returned undamaged.

  2. Students may join the hostel on the 1st of the month with 1 week of prior notice in the college office.

  3. If the student does not want to stay in the hostel, the parents directly contact to the college with request for the same. Rejoining into the hostel is not encouraged.

  4. The lights must be off between 11pm ñ 5am, as students need adequate rest.

  5. Students must develop good study habits in order to enhance this we insist that the student studies regularly between 6.30pm  and 8.30pm & 9.30 and 11.00pm with a small dinner break between 8.30-9.30pm.

  6.  Visitors are allowed to meet the students only on Saturdays & Sundays between 4pm ñ 7pm on Saturday & 7am ñ7pm on Sunday. No visitors will be allowed at other times. Visitors are not allowed in the college and clinical area.

  7. Students are allowed to go out only on Saturdays & Sundays. On Saturdays they may go out after 3pm & have to be back by 5.30pm & on Sundays the may go out by 7 am but have to be back by 4.30pm.

  8. An outgoing register will be maintained at the hostel and the student is expected to sign in the register mentioning the time of leaving & on returning will have to sign in mentioning the time of returning.

  9. The students will also be expected to maintain their health record where in they will monthly enter some details up to date.

  10.  Once a month the student is allowed to visit her local guardian after filling in and submitting the night out pass.

  11. In case of issues related to personal affairs of students the institution will not be held responsible for the same.

  12. No alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco in any form is allowed inside the premises of the College & hostel. Any student found with these items will have to vacate the hostel immediately and student will be suspended.
4. Internal Assessment
There shll be internal assessment which follows broadly the principles enunciated by the University / TNC in each subject for which 20% of the marks are set apart and these will be added to the final marks in the University / TNC Examinations. Their shall be minimum of 2 assignment and 3 periodicals test in every subjects each year to assess the progress of the candidate. If a candidate fails in an examination, his/her internal asessment marks shall be assured again only if she/he is a regular student for the 2nd attempt.
5. Policy regarding Ragging
Undertaking against Ragging

At the time of admission each student will give a written undertaking as per Supreme Court direction stating that he/she was not involved in any ragging activity in the past and that he/she would not indulge in it in future. He/she will report as soon as possible to the anti ragging squad / principal / warden any such incidents of ragging / conspiracy for ragging. If this undertaking is violated, the student would be liable to be expelled from the college and prosecuted.

Anti-Ragging Committee / Squad

Anti-ragging committee/squad with composition of Principal, Wardens and representative of Management exists in this Institution to maintain vigil and undertake periodic patrolling. This squad shall make surprise raids on hostels and other hot spots to inspect potential ragging.
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